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Albus's Story...

My rescuers named me Albus when I was found in a snowstorm sick and freezing. Boy, I was glad to get rescued.  They transferred me to Magicats, where I spent two weeks with their vets getting well! Now Iím hanging out in a Magicats foster home.  Itís pretty cool. Iím a cheerful kid, expert at ďgoing along with the program.Ē  And, Iíve got a purr you can hear in the next room! Iím  neutered, negative for FIV/FELV, and will be done with my shots in time to meet you in mid-February.  Iím about 14 weeks old, and I love being a playful kitten. I have a lovely short white coat with a pale gray ďhatĒ that accents my blue eyes. 

Iíll need to be INSIDE ONLY, especially because I need to protect my skin from too much sun.  I like cat people and other polite cats.  Dogs and little kids - well, letís just say they need to be introduced carefully and we should be supervised til we get things figured out.  But every day I get more confident, so when itís time, Iíll make someone a wonderful new family member!

If youíd like to know more, please begin the conversation by sending us an e-mail or applying for him by clicking HERE. Or, you can leave a call-back message indicating your interest in him at 208-543-6193.