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Our Available Cats and Kittens
Oscar, Albus & Marta
are our Featured Kitties of the Month
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Marta is a beautiful 4 year old lady who wants an independent life, preferably inside/outside, with plenty of space, without the bother of other felines, and with human involvement on her terms.  She prefers to watch life from the sidelines, is open to conversation with intelligent humans who respect her need for autonomy and are smart enough to know that not every feline wants to be a lap cat. 

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Iím Oscar Black.  Just look at my beautiful black coat and those jade green eyes.  Iím four years old, and suddenly have to give up my lifelong home for one that can meet my needs.   See, I LOVE being INSIDE in the daytime, but night is my time to get some serious outside fresh air.

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My rescuers named me Albus when I was found in a snowstorm sick and freezing. Boy, I was glad to get rescued.  They transferred me to Magicats, where I spent two weeks with their vets getting well! Now Iím hanging out in a Magicats foster home.  Itís pretty cool.

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In 2017 we will be continuing our practice of offering Very Special Kitties at Very Special Adoption Fees through Twin Falls PetSmart Adoption Center and also the Meridian PetSmart Adoption Center. Watch our Facebook page for periodic announcements of these lucky guys who just need a little help from their friends to get on with their lives. These cats are current on their shots, negative for FIV/FELV and are spayed or neutered. For more information please send us an email:

This is a unique opportunity to adopt one of our Special Graduates who will enrich your life.

Announcing the Magicats Class of 2017

Powder and Sierra Sam Have Been Adopted!!
Remember on March 11 we wrote that we were on our way to Meridianís PetSmart to interview some new pet parents? Well, it was very nice indeed. In our three week visit, we met friendly people and enjoyed the cattery and Associates. And guess what! We got adopted by two adult brothers who are neighbors so we will get to see each other! Itís going great. Although our Magicatsí foster homes were wonderful, thereís nothing like knowing these are our very own FOREVER homes. A big shout out to the Magicats fans who cheered us on. If you happen to be in the Boise area and want to meet a Magicat, you can stop in and say hi to Dorsey and Maggie Mae. Theyíll be glad for a visit! So, thatís all for now from Powder and Sierra Magicat! Stay tuned for more Meridian stories!